10 Minutes to Tidy Up

Not ready to take on the basement? Don’t have time to do a massive closet clean out? It’s not always about the big jobs, even a little bit every day (or two!) can be helpful in keeping your home tidy.

1. Paper

There is likely new paper arriving at your home daily, either through the mail of from the copious amount of “special” artwork and papers your kids bring home from school. Make sure there is a process for managing new papers. Instead of letting mail build up, quickly skim through the pile, recycling junk mail and unnecessary catalogs. The remaining mail items that need attention should be put where that activity takes place. This means if you pay bills online, there should be a place by the computer to put incoming bills and a later time set for the chore to be completed.

Similarly, set a storage spot for kids’ papers and artwork, and recycle (immediately!) anything they’re willing to part with. The kids’ spot does not need to be the keep-forever archive (more on that another time), but a temporary spot the kids know they can put their things so they don’t gather all over the house.

2. Dishes

Getting your kitchen in order daily can really make a difference in your morning rush. Take a few minutes each evening to get dishes in the dishwasher or unload the clean ones.

3. Clothes

Spend a little time each day doing a quick pickup of clothes around the house. Clean clothes that weren’t chosen should get refolded and rehung. Put dirty clothes that didn’t make it into the hamper in the laundry. Shoes that piled up by the door should be put back in their correct places. And outerwear goes back to their spot as well.

4. Counters

Clear off the counters. Buildup tends to happen on bathroom and kitchen counters throughout the week. Getting things back in place gives you a clean, usable workspace.

5. Toys

A place for everything and everything in its place. Even if the toys in your home are not organized to perfection, they likely have a place they should live. A quick straighten prevents the feeling of overwhelming chaos.

6. Workspace

If you’re like so many these days, there is at least some work going on at home. Prep for the next workday by straightening your home office, desk or table. Recycle any unneeded papers, check things off your to do list, and make note of what your priorities are for the following day.

Pick some categories and commit to doing a little tidying each day!

Let’s work together to get more done. Contact us for home organizing help if you’d like a partner to get things rolling.

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