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Marianna Whitson, Designer & Project Manager

Marianna delights in planning and organizing physical spaces. She loves simplifying and streamlining – anything to create efficiency and ease is worth its weight in gold in this complex and busy life. Connecting and building relationships with clients is at the core of her work, and understanding household values and processes informs her approach to accomplishing the client’s goals.

Over the years, Marianna has helped friends and family organize their homes and businesses, and she’s continually organizing her own home and family, too. Before joining An Organized Life, she spent years working in the advertising industry, digitally organizing photos and other assets. Marianna has an eye for design and uses that as she organizes client spaces – functional doesn’t mean boring!

Marianna lives with her husband, two elementary-aged kiddos and pup. In her ‘spare’ time, she manages a personal business, plays tennis, does community theater, plans awesome birthday parties, coaches youth lacrosse, and keeps her young family fed and mostly clean. She loves beauty – in art, interior design, nature, travel and life.


Families & Kids | Creative Spaces | Staging & Move Prep | Pantries | Mudrooms
Photo Organizing | Room Layout, Design & Organizational Decor

Charity Connection:

In 2016 I co-founded The Foster Box. While I am not a foster parent myself, supporting foster families and children in foster care is an important way for me to support our community as a whole. Providing clothing and other gear to ease transitions into new homes is one small way I can help.

Taryn Dana, Lead Professional Organizer

Taryn discovered her love of organizing at a young age. She would organize and reorganize her bedroom and then beg to do the same to her siblings’ rooms, too. When she saw an opportunity to join the professional organizing community, it felt like a dream come true. 

Before entering the organizing world Taryn worked in the service industry for many years. Supporting and listening to clients comes naturally to her, and she finds helping others organize their spaces very rewarding. She feels the most relaxed and at peace when everything is in its place.

When she’s not sorting through closets and putting things in bins, Taryn likes to travel with her boyfriend, read, bake, and spend time with family and friends. 


Kitchens & Pantries | Closets & Mudrooms | Organizational Design
Move Prep & Unpacking | Basements, Garages & Attics | Desks & Offices

Cathy King, Lead Professional Organizer

Cathy’s mission is to deliver professional organizing services with compassion and respect, creating a sense of peace within clients’ homes and lives. She strives to leave clients with tools that will help them not only maintain and improve their environments. She gives clients the support and strength they need to face their clutter and creates sustainable processes to continue managing it, so they can enjoy their lives without it.

She has been serving NAPO as a volunteer and board member since 2020. She holds a Level 1 certificate in Chronic Disorganization from ICD and is a member of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals.

Cathy worked for 30+ years as a corporate finance executive managing teams around the world and has traveled worldwide helping teams implement and manage their businesses, transitions and processes. In addition to her work experience, Cathy holds an MBA in Sustainability from Northeastern University helping her and her clients make great environmentally informed decisions.

Cathy is married and has two grown sons and one granddaughter and enjoys a good cup of cold-brew coffee, reading, spending time with her family, holiday decorating, and dogs.


Seniors & Downsizing | Kitchens & Pantries | Papers & Files | Mudrooms | Attics
Desks & Home Offices Design | Families & Kids | Creative Spaces | Staging & Moves

Aiste Jurgilas, Lead Professional Organizer

Aiste is passionate about organizing – it’s second nature to her. She loves finding beautiful, innovative and affordable solutions to keep homes functional and clutter-free. Over the years, Aiste has helped friends and family achieve the type of organization she has created in her own home. Now she is excited to share this expertise with new clients.

Aiste is always up for a challenge; she is confident there is a solution to even the most overwhelming or complex tasks. Many years of working as a logistics manager has helped her develop active listening and communication skills. She helps clients stay relaxed and focused throughout the process, bringing a gentle partnership or higher energy depending on what is needed.

Aiste loves spending time with family and friends, learning more about the organizing industry, and designing and decorating spaces for meaningful life events such as holidays, baby showers, weddings and birthdays.


Kitchens & Pantries | Closets & Mudrooms | Holiday Decorating | Desks & Offices
Creative Spaces | Organizational Design | Basements, Garages & Attics

Aiste Jurgilas

Stephanie Tu, Professional Organizer

Attention to detail and efficiency have always been a strong suit for Stephanie. She has a passion for design and creating organized spaces for family, friends and clients. A former interior designer, her passion for color and design systems informs her organizing projects.

She is an expert in finding systems that work best for busy families, like she has done in her own life. She has moved across the country three times with her family, so she has moving and unpacking down to a science.

When she isn’t organizing, she is managing her four kids, cooking up a storm or watching movies. She is also a regular blood donor and gets great satisfaction in helping save lives with one simple gesture.


Moves & Staging | Estate Sales | Pantries | Color Consultations | Families & Kids | Room Layout, Design & Organizational Decor | Downsizing | Attics & Garages

Charity Connection:

MetroWest Parents of Multiples is close to her heart, having twins of her own at home. She loves doing community outreach and mentoring new families with twins and higher-order multiples (triplets, quads… and yes, she’s met families with five babies!). She has served as president of two ‘parents of multiples’ groups over the years, helping families navigate the world of raising multiples while providing support, education, and social connections.

Morgan Sheena, Professional Organizer

As a classic oldest daughter, Morgan has always found peace in a calm and organized space.  A mother of three and a former business owner, she knows how much orderly systems help things run smoothly and efficiently. Morgan understands that getting organized is a personal mission, and she enjoys finding solutions that suit her client’s unique challenges and needs.

Morgan has helped many friends and relatives organize their personal spaces,
and it seemed only natural to enter the professional organization world. She loves to hear what’s really troubling her clients as they work together to find the best long-term solution.

When Morgan isn’t color coding or labeling, she can be found exercising in her gym, working her side gig as a travel planner, cooking allergy-safe treats, reading, exploring and shuttling her family all over the state!


Kitchens & Pantries | Kids’ Spaces | Filing & Papers | Attics, Garages & Basements |
Living Spaces | Closets & Mudrooms | Packing & Move Prep | Organizational Design

Julie Anzalone, Professional Organizer

Julie has long been organizing personal spaces for friends and family, using her keen eye for detail and functionality. She also organizes teachers’ classrooms from year to year, setting up their physical spaces for efficient
flow and ease of use. Julie understands the value of being validating, compassionate and sensitive when helping clients work through their projects.

During the school year, Julie works in the public school system, helping kids hone their fine motor, organization and executive functioning skills. Although she has summers off, she chooses to work for An Organized Life because she is passionate about organizing and loves applying her professional skills to organizing projects. When she’s not organizing or at school, she loves being in nature and using her creativity.


Kitchens | Basements & Garages | Packing, Staging & Move Prep |
Room Layout | Decorating | Closets | Organizational Design

Nikki Seidman, Lead Professional Organizer

Nikki was a child who made chore charts without prompting, jumped at opportunities to clean out closets and color-coded everything! As someone with strong executive functioning skills and keen attention to detail, professional organizing comes naturally to Nikki, and she receives deep satisfaction helping others achieve greater productivity, fulfillment, and well-being. With an avid taste for travel and adventure, she has lived in eight cities across four countries and, needless to say, has become a pro at packing, unpacking, downsizing and streamlining.

Nikki has had a multi-faceted career with one common thread: serving others. Fueled by a commitment to spread positivity and support others, she engages clients with empathy, energy, patience and sensitivity. She upholds a client-centered approach to create organized and efficient spaces and systems, while helping clients feel less overwhelmed and more empowered in their busy lives and homes.

Nikki loves being outdoors, especially running, hiking, and golfing, and she enjoys making encaustic art.


Seniors & Downsizing | Kitchens & Pantries | Papers & Files | Desks & Offices
Organizational Design | Arts & Crafts Spaces | Moving & Unpacking

Nikki Seidman

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