ADD/ADHD Coaching

Are you one of the more than 8 million adults affected by ADD/ADHD?

If you’ve been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, you already know you have a hard time staying focused and get distracted easily. You may forget to pay your bills on time and have to pay late fees. You may frequently lose your keys, phone and glasses. Managing your time and keeping everything in its place can be a challenge. Or maybe your work is suffering or your job is at risk. You are not alone: An Organized Life can help.

We offer extensive experience helping people who are disorganized from ADD or ADHD to stay organized and on track. Our ADD/ADHD coaching teaches you to simplify your life by minimizing and managing the problematic symptoms while building upon your creative strengths. Together we develop solutions to keep your things in order so you make mindful decisions and stay in control. Not only do you learn how to become organized, but more importantly, you learn how to maintain An Organized Life.

Our ADD/ADHD coaching programs help you :

  • Overcome your challenges with procrastination and self-discipline
  • Develop systems to help you organize your home, office and life in general
  • Create routines that keep you on track and get tasks done
  • Learn what you can do to stay focused on routine or boring tasks
  • Eliminate your struggle with planning, prioritizing and managing time
  • Develop self-esteem by focusing on your accomplishments, not your challenges

We help you maximize your unique potential

How we work:

We help those with ADD/ADHD, executive functioning challenges and other brain related disorders learn how to manage these challenges and improve executive function skills. As an Organizational & Productivity Coach, I help you get to the root of the problem of why you can’t get and stay organized. Together, we learn more about your strengths, build upon what you do well, and develop new, supportive strategies to create a more productive, sustainable skill set.

Hourly Coaching Prices:  Beginning at $195.
Discovery Session required to begin.
Coaching Packages Available.

Contact us for more professional organizing package options.


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Client Testimonials

As our children got older, our Nanny’s responsibilities changed. MJ showed us how to transition our Nanny to House Manager, provided training for all of us, and a systematic way of checking in to keep the house running smoothly.

Doctor, Sudbury

Google Reviews

My home was perpetually disorganized with projects in process, old and new, and Stuff that I knew needed a place. I've spent a long time trying to address these issues on my own, following advice for people who may be ADD or ADD adjacent. I know the things to do, the practices that help, and I can identify the things that get in my way. But despite years of sincere effort, I could not get very far on my own. Hiring MJ was one of the best decisions I've made in the last few years. She is professional but very personable. She listens carefully and patiently and her questions and suggestions are always insightful and deeply empathetic. We've tackled the garage (still orderly and fits both cars a year later), mountains of papers (grad school, children, health care, renovation), and "dead zone" rooms that had become receptacles for abandoned projects and the Stuff you don't want to deal with. I do not want to purge my belongings and memories, and MJ has helped me clarify for myself what attachments I want to value and what I can let go. She is patient and helps steer you through your own thinking. She is environmentally conscious and works with me to divert what we can from the landfills, how to repair and repurpose more effectively, and to organize my home in a way that I can see and know what I already have. Choosing to call for professional assistance was a big deal, and I talked myself out of it a number of times. I wish I had called MJ and her team years ago!harmony whoJanuary 26, 2023

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