Holiday Storage

Before you know it the holidays will be over and you’ll be packing away your lovely decorations and heirlooms until next year. While it may seem premature, deciding on holiday storage before the holidays is key because by the time the holidays are over, much of the inventory is gone, not to return until next … Read more

Holiday Decorating

Here at An Organized Life, we LOVE decorating for the holidays. It is a fun departure from working in basements and closets. We can help make your prep less stressful – from bring everything down from the attic, to decorating and designing and post-holiday storing. Everyone has their own holiday style and traditions, but if … Read more

Fridge Refresh

Make room for those apples and holiday cooking by refreshing your refrigerator. Like any other spot in your home, things can build up, sitting unused, and molding, ew! Empty Ignore the door beeping, and take the time to get everything out of the fridge. Once it’s all on the counter, begin combing through what’s there. … Read more


Fall is finally here (even if not in temperature). Whether you celebrate Halloween or just general autumn loveliness, there’s no shortage of festive touches and fun household decor this season. Here are some of our faves: Glowing glass pumpkins bring the autumn feel into your home. Use them on your porch on a table inside … Read more