Client Testimonials

This is awesome! Thank you so much! I really enjoyed reading through the process we will use to get me more organized. I love the suggestions. Thank you for providing such a detailed plan! I need to review more thoroughly. I’m excited!

Allison P

Aiste was so helpful. Her suggestions were on point. I have some homework to do before we meet again. Very happy with this first visit. Thanks.

My son’s bar mitzvah party was perfect because of MJ. Her creativity, flexibility and hands-on approach made the planning easy and the event flow without a hitch. All we had to do was enjoy the evening while she took care of all the details. MJ made the event a complete success!

Business Executive/Mother, Needham
Well, MJ, thanks to your team’s organizing and labeling, I quickly found the elements I wanted to create the outfits!
DS, Newton
Hi MJ,
I have no words – it was such an amazing day, and I’m so so thrilled by the result. I keep walking into the basement just to marvel at how much better it looks, and it really feels like a sustainable solution for my family. Dan walked in on Friday evening and was blown away. We’ve already benefited from the ease of access and clear labels as we’ve looked for tools and shoes down there. Thank you and your team so much! I’m absolutely going to write a review for you all, and will be coming to you for any future projects as well!
Thank you again!!
Charlotte S. Watertown

MJ is committed to confidentiality, respectful of boundaries and aware of what it means to be invited into your personal space. Because of MJ’s approach, our sessions are productive and totally without stress or self-judgment!

Professor, Cambridge

Thank you for the excellent seminar. Everyone had a wonderful time, learned so much and truly enjoyed your levity. You are a great presenter and I would highly recommend you for a corporate seminar.

Event Manager, Schiavone Construction

I want to pass along how much we enjoy working with Emily and Sasha. We collectively accomplished so much today! And a big surprise was [another room] which was not part of the original plan. After working with my husband for a long time, Emily indicated Sasha was available to help me in there. The room was a mess because the holidays all run together and we were so busy, I didn’t have time to put things away properly. Sasha and I did that today and it’s 90% organized!

They are efficient, pleasant to be with, energetic – etc. They make organizing fun. We look forward to the continued partnership.

MJ was invaluable in helping us declutter and stage our home for sale. She organized everything to go into storage and then brought it back and organized it in preparation for the estate sale. MJ and her team were professional, efficient and made this overwhelming process manageable.

Doctor, Sudbury

“I love having a beautifully decorated home, but I travel a lot before the holidays. MJ decorated for me, creating a festive and beautiful environment. MJ’s décor was perfect. After, as she took it down she organized everything and stored it away for next year. MJ made my holiday easy, stress-free and totally enjoyable.

Non-Profit Executive, Westwood and Dallas

Thank you so much! I sat at my computer yesterday and couldn’t believe that I was looking at clear space instead of boxes!

Engineer, Arlington

My family has said your name with such praise so many times over. Everything I have learned from you has been our saving grace this week.

I had to stay in Oregon until my father’s passing. The day before I knew I had to say goodbye, I sent the girls and Josh away and I reorganized our pantry. Clear Container Store bins labels and all (I’ll take a picture when I go back to Oregon). It was cathartic.

Since I arrived in Belmont on Monday night, there has literally been nothing for us to do (except for me racing to find COVID tests). There are no services because of COVID and no real gatherings. With everyone’s blessing, I was able to use this time to remove a majority of my dad’s belongings and knew, from you, that it’s important to remove the donation bags in one fell swoop. This brought my mother and I great relief. The past few days when we have felt up to it, I have begun to tackle my parents basement, using what I have learned from you sorting like with like, consolidating into neat labeled boxes and pairing down the many unnecessary old items. It is has been a project that has kept us occupied and is making us feel better. I am so utterly grateful for all of our time together. While I will forever learn from you and will always need organizational help, I have also picked up skills from you that I know how to independently implement and be of service to my family and others. This week, in particular, it has been our saving grace. I want to let you know how special you are and how much you have helped make this terrible week bearable.

Lauren G.

I cannot thank Taryn enough for what she helped me accomplish. I knew I needed professional guidance to organize certain spaces in my house and Taryn made this process as smooth as possible for me and my family.

Business owner, Canton
Thanks again for being there for me for so many years your presence in my life has been transformative

I needed help organizing our entire house – MJ did a great job working with me to bring this about. Now things are where they need to be and a year later, the system is still working. That is the real test of any organizing effort! I highly recommend MJ.

Professor, Newton

MJ helped our company define an efficient, cost-effective system for storage and retrieval. Now everything is stored away safely – and we know where to find the old and store the new. MJ is a joy to work with and I recommend her highly.

Advertising Agency, Woburn

MJ helped staged my house for sale – buyers actually asked the Agent if the seller was a decorator because everything looked so nice! We received 2 offers and accepted an offer $13,000 over asking price. All the hard work was worth it!

Teacher/Mother, Sharon

MJ worked with me at my office and home to help bring total organization to my space. She really listened and understood my needs. I cannot express in words how much she has helped make my life easier.

Doctor, Weston

MJ brought organization to our clutter and provided peace where there was once anxiety. It felt like she gave us an addition to our kitchen because she gave us our countertops back! For the first time in years my family knows where to find things!

Software Trainer/Mother of 3, Framingham

An Organized Life helped us with our corporate business; she completed a wide range of tasks professionally and with due diligence.

LaBreche/Thibeault, Framingham

I have ADD and have always struggled with getting things done. MJ was the first person that really understood what I was experiencing. She showed me how to create organization based on my strengths. I am so lucky to have found her.

Mother, Needham

As our children got older, our Nanny’s responsibilities changed. MJ showed us how to transition our Nanny to House Manager, provided training for all of us, and a systematic way of checking in to keep the house running smoothly.

Doctor, Sudbury

MJ is positive and upbeat. She makes the experience of de-cluttering enjoyable, works with your individual needs, and is very non-judgmental.

Nurse, Waltham

When my seller client said she had to leave town unexpectedly for a family emergency, and was not sure how she would be able to get her condo organized and ready for sale, the first person I thought who could help was MJ Rosenthal from An Organized Life.

MJ brought her team of professionals to the property to get the job done.  My seller should be extremely pleased with the results.  As a realtor working in the field for the past 10+ years, I would not hesitate to recommend MJ to any of my seller clients who would like to use her services for organizing or home staging.  Now, I know that I can get my job finished as well. Thank you!

Joann Impallaria, Realtor
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Belmont, MA

Starting your own business can be an intimidating process. Staying focused and organized can be one of the greatest challenges. I was lucky to connect with MJ. As my accountability partner, she kept me on track during one of the most stressful times of my life.

Destination Management Company, Healdsburg, CA

Our work is making my life better!

Therapist, Maynard

MJ made creative suggestions that I would never have thought of! Now each time I walk into the basement, I get a peaceful feeling!

Attorney, Brockton

Google Reviews

Hiring MJ was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Not only is she helping me transform my home, she has taught me skills that enable me to maintain a clean and structured environment in the long term. Organization really does come naturally to her, it kind I amazes me how quickly and easily she manages to find solutions to problems that leave me stumped. I just wish I met her earlier so I could of started improving my life a long time ago.Freia Galacar
My husband and I were doing a major renovation of our bedroom and other areas of the house, which involved moving almost half of 28 years of accumulated "stuff" into just two rooms of the house. When we started, it seemed like an impossibility. But MJ has an incredible understanding of how to work with her clients to make the process as easy as possible. She actually made it fun! When I look back on what we accomplished together, I am amazed.Sheryl S.
My home was perpetually disorganized with projects in process, old and new, and Stuff that I knew needed a place. I've spent a long time trying to address these issues on my own, following advice for people who may be ADD or ADD adjacent. I know the things to do, the practices that help, and I can identify the things that get in my way. But despite years of sincere effort, I could not get very far on my own. Hiring MJ was one of the best decisions I've made in the last few years. She is professional but very personable. She listens carefully and patiently and her questions and suggestions are always insightful and deeply empathetic. We've tackled the garage (still orderly and fits both cars a year later), mountains of papers (grad school, children, health care, renovation), and "dead zone" rooms that had become receptacles for abandoned projects and the Stuff you don't want to deal with. I do not want to purge my belongings and memories, and MJ has helped me clarify for myself what attachments I want to value and what I can let go. She is patient and helps steer you through your own thinking. She is environmentally conscious and works with me to divert what we can from the landfills, how to repair and repurpose more effectively, and to organize my home in a way that I can see and know what I already have. Choosing to call for professional assistance was a big deal, and I talked myself out of it a number of times. I wish I had called MJ and her team years ago!harmony who
MJ and her team helped our busy family of 5 reset our space and clear out the clutter! Ever professional and dependable, we worked through kids’ toys and closets, optimized storage and high traffic spaces and ultimately ended up with space that we love and can maintain. I highly recommend them.Neely Dodge
Thank you, MJ, for being such a pro. As someone who loves being organized, An Organized Life was the perfect hire during my downsize. I had a more efficient move, had my blind spots covered and learned some new organizational tricks! All while enjoying the support and smiles of such a upbeat person. I would easily recommend MJ... and have her return during any future moves.Cori DiPietro
MJ was very helpful for us in organizing our place when we were getting inspected at our apartment. She has an organized step by step approach and created labels and categories in our apartment which gave us much ease in finding thing when needed. She worked around deadlines we had to ensure that we had things organized in a good time and made herself available when we needed more help. She is very dependable and I highly recommend her.Dean “Dean”
MJ is a delight to work with. She is sympathetic, professional, and effective. She tailors her work to her client and has many resources available to solve problems. I think I’ve been working with her for two or three years. During COVID we worked on Zoom to organize papers or do some body doubling for difficult to complete projects. I adore her and am so grateful for the impact she has had on my life and my home.arielle
MJ expertly managed my mother's move from her large home of 30 years to a two bedroom apartment. She and her team were there from start to finish- cleaning out her home, organizing things into "take/donate/toss", arranging the movers, the actual move day, and then settling her into her new space. Not only did MJ support the logistics of the move, she also supported my mother through the psychological/emotional aspects of downsizing which is equally important. I deeply appreciate the communication from MJ, keeping me updated about all the various moving pieces. MJ also happens to just be an incredibly kind, thoughtful, and warm person who is a joy to work with. I would enthusiastically recommend MJ and her team!Katy Secunda
I have worked with MJ over the years. From upsizing my life, to downsizing my life. My kids have gotten an MJ Hour after getting back from college... She does the unfavorable hand holding as people need to make decision about what stays, what goes, how to organize your life, and she will even help you organize your work process (I have referred my psychology clients to her for executive functioning support). I recommend her without reservation!Sharon Chirban
I worked with MJ for a few months to organize my entire home from top to bottom. MJ is a god sent and transformed my life ever since. She offered a strategic plan from the beginning and we implemented the plan and brainstormed different solutions for various spaces. I felt life is back to order when everything has its own space and entity. I highly recommend MJ to anyone who wants their life back to order, de-clutter their belongings, and embrace a new way of living.Jia-Yun Chen
It was a pleasure to work with the An Organized Life team! I would highly recommend them for your home or business organizational projects! They are extremely professional and get the job done. The outcome was better than I could imagine.Angelina Otto
MJ Rosenthal from An Organized Life is exceptional!! I have used her multiple times to organize and implement major moves in past years as well as with organizing all my homes. I was left to move out of a 4500 sq ft home by myself. MJ came in and handled absolutely everything! From moving and packing supplies, bringing in her crew to pack up everything, arranging auction dates, recommending movers, organizing my storage unit and moving me in and organizing my new place. She did it all efficiently and calmly with a sense of humor. She made huge tasks manageable and supported me every step of the way. I looked forward to her coming. She is an amazing organizer as well as person. Do not hesitate to hire MJ for all your organizing needs. I cannot recommend her highly enough!Armida Bertino
The Organized Life team, led by MJ, is amazing. Their ability to serve not just their clients, but also the family of their clients is unparalleled. For context, MJ supports my mother-in-law and is the primary reason my MIL's recent move out of her home went smoothly...even as my wife and I sit several hundred miles away. For such an important event in my MIL's life, it was nerve-wracking to not be there on site, however, MJ's ability to lay out a plan, execute, and anticipate curveballs along the way put our minds at ease. The Organized Life team managed all aspects of the move by handling all planning and logistics: soliciting quotes from movers, locking down contracts, helping with packing and storage needs, etc. They also anticipated and took care of smaller, though no less important items such as address updates, moving utilities, and even finding a pet-friendly hotel that was needed for a night between homes! I especially appreciated MJ's ability to ensure we were getting good deals from other vendors involved in the process, and her ability to quickly flex up the amount of support when we needed more hands - she was able to bring additional team members into the picture to ensure we stayed on track. Having gone through a few moves of my own, I assumed all moves are guaranteed to be chaotic. I'm happy to have been proven wrong - MJ and her team brought control and calm to a hectic situation, which in turn gave us confidence that our MIL was in good hands. She thought of all angles and managed the entire process - start to finish - expertly.Joe Nunziante
MJ is one of the easiest people to work with to accomplish your organizational goals. She is an absolute professional who can read the room-not just a physical room of clutter, but how a client works best with her. She has helped me clean out a basement-her team arrived, emptied out the basement, set up shelving, sorted everything into designated areas and prearranged for 2 different services to be at my home at the end of the day to take away donations and junk. She has helped me plan an outdoor graduation party, rearrange storage in my home, and helped my teenagers with systems for school and bedroom organizing. Everyone needs an MJ!Paula Bogar
MJ Rosenthal and "An Organized Life" is #1 on my list of professionals! MJ has worked on many projects for me, my family and my clients for 6 years. One of the greatest gifts MJ gives me is "peace of mind." In our ever-changing, sometimes crazy world, having "chaos become order" is a necessity. MJ is able to walk into a room, ask questions and create magic! Always calm, never judging - no project is too big or too difficult. MJ and her team are efficient, effective, responsible and super trustworthy. Each year she puts my Holiday decor up and I arrive home to a winter wonderland! MJ has given me much more than "An Organized Life " she gave me MY LIFE back! Without a doubt, hiring "An Organized Life " is the best decision I made 6 years ago. She will bring amazing value to your life long after she leaves. I have the highest respect and admiration for MJ Rosenthal. Some services you can't afford NOT to have!Holly Rose
MJ came in to my home and life in the middle of COVID and after major changes in our family life and I don't think I could have made it through without her help. She does more than organizing, she subtly analyzes your personality, needs and helps you to understand your priorities seamlessly. She's also great at matching you with other helpers in her large rolodex. Later, on in a second series of projects, MJ sent Marianna. Marianna was like that best friend who never judges you but seamlessly through her kind observations and tireless work, helps to put things in place that really suit your way of working. She subtly and positively changes the flow and energy of your space so that you can actually have space to move forward and onwards. She was excellent in arranging the spaces and flows need for my pre-schooler - kindergartener, she organized my own spaces so that I could get important things done while she took care of the rest. I still use MJ and Marianna's systems today after 2 years. I've learned a lot about how to keep things working simply and without fuss. They are also so easy going and really, really follow who you are and what you want. After a lifetime of several careers as a manager and owning several households, my attitude and view of home organization and home life was changed for the better by working with MJ and Marianna.Nina You
When I contacted MJ, I had a disorganized and partially unpacked home, and multiple complications that had me feeling hopeless to ever get on top of things. She came in, quickly assessed, made a plan, and got right to work. Not only did she do an amazing job, she taught me how to think about organizing differently. It’s now a manageable task and part of my daily thought process. She took the time and care to understand how we used our space in order to set up organization systems that would be functional and easy to maintain. This is truly the first time in my life I’ve consistently seen the floor of my closet. When my family asks me “where’s my ___??” I can answer easily, not because I memorized every item’s location, but because everything follows a logical system so there’s no memorization necessary. The icing on the cake is that MJ does this all in the kindest, most gentle manner— it doesn’t hurt at all. Wasn’t stressful and never felt bad about my mess. She’s a great organizer and wonderful person.Jessie Odegard
MJ and her team helped me move into our new home. Having them there on moving day was incredibly helpful. They unpacked and organized the entire house. As a busy working mom with three young children their help was extremely valuable. I would recommend MJ for any size project she is easy to work with and has creative organization solutions.Lisa Romano
An Organized Life is the most time efficient way to get your life under control. MJ has helped me see the difference between clutter and keeping meaningful things in my life. MJ is a delight to work with. Her professional and calm manner always makes a move less stressful for me. She always has a smile on her face. I highly recommend MJ and An Organized Life.Allison Sawyer
There are not enough superlatives to describe how much of an impact An Organized Life has made on me. Recently I downsized from a house where I had lived for 40+ years to a small condo, and I was overwhelmed with the enormity of the task at hand. I am indebted to MJ and her team for their ongoing support and understanding before, during and after my move to make this transition as smooth as possible. MJ’s organizational skills were invaluable when it came to decluttering and finding solutions to make maximum use of the space I had. She made recommendations on reconfiguring closets, adding rollouts and was able to repurpose much of storage items I already had. The end result was to carve out a space that was esthetically pleasing as welI as functional. I found MJ to be kind, caring and very easy to work with. She was astute in her assessment of how best to motivate me by skillfully breaking down tasks into manageable steps that I could digest, in turn she showed me how I could apply these same principles to my every day life. While my initial objective was to make the unpacking and decluttering as painless as possible, in the process I learned how to simplify my life and embrace a new home that I’m excited about.Gloria Voce
Working with MJ is fun and actually takes the stress out of organizing! Over the past ten years we’ve tackled many projects in my home. I always look forward to getting them done with MJ by my side. Her approach is thoughtful, logical and takes into consideration how I want to use my space. Highly recommend working with her!!Sue Hardy
MJ and her group have done several organizing jobs for me, all have been great beyond my expectations. She has twice worked to help me with my mother's apartment and twice for me at my own home. I had a full basement of "junk" which she separated into usable items, donate-able items, trash, etc etc and arranged for them to all be taken care of. She even organized my husband's sports closet, and he was surprised to find that he liked her work. I have also used her to decorate a Christmas tree, add other decorations, flowers etc before I arrived there from my other home for the holidays. I can't recommend her too highly !Elizabeth P
MJ and her team transformed my partially unpacked basement from a source of stress and annoyance to a a fantastic storage area and resource for my family. Every step, from the initial consult to the strategic plan to the day-of, was made simple and enjoyable in working with MJ. She was responsive, reassuring, and action-oriented, and I highly recommend working with her - I certainly plan to in the future!Charlotte Twaalfhoven
Lori Gilman
I don't consider my work with MJ a luxury, it's been a necessity which I highly recommend to anyone who lives a busy life! I am so grateful for our time together and I often credit MJ for the incredible strides that have been made to create an easier way of life for my family of four. MJ helps me think through spaces in my home in a unique way and always provides a fresh perspective. She's an excellent listener, is extremely knowledgeable about the philosophy of organizing as well as the psychology behind human behavior. MJ has a warm personality and also has a killer eye for interior style and design. In fact, I had hired interior designers after I had started working with MJ and once they saw her work, the designers were quick to include her in the design process as well. My day to day life has become so much more clear and happy since working with MJ. I recommend her to anyone and everyone.Lauren Gibbons
As a small young family, with two working parents it doesn’t take long for our house to devolve into chaos. MJ came in and helped us get things cleaned up but also organize and create strategies to stay organized. We’ve managed to stay clean and organized thanks to her help and despite the desire of our kids to destroy all things associated with order.Matthew Rowley
MJ is amazing! She is so easy (and fun) to work and is incredibly efficient and creative. I desperately needed help organizing my home and cleaning out my closets and. was amazed by how much we accomplished in just one session!Ali
MJ and her team at An Organized Life are an amazing balance of compassion and professionalism. An Organized Life has both independently managed larger projects for me and worked through others side-by-side with me. Regardless of the particular project challenge, the team at An Organized Life has consistently worked in ways to empower me and my family in our own quest for peace and order.Abigail Smith
Wonderful help unpacking and organizing before and after a move. Great advice about how to handle the move. Helped set up the kitchen, kids rooms, closets etc. highly recommend!!Anne
M J is the consummate professional. She has a keen eye for details and can sum up what is needed for your project completion in a short period of time. She is able to envision new ways of making your life and living easier by providing a practical way to get rid of clutter to make your life more organized. She is like a miracle worker!Dr. Lloyd Sheldon Johnson
MJ is not only a gentle but efficient organizer of lives and spaces, she embodies the dictum of "teach a man to fish....". The key is inculcating a consciousness of what one can let go of. Until then, it never occurred to me I could handle my mess of backup paperwork. Unlike with previous organizers (believe me, I've tried many), I found myself able to handle my own organizing better afterwards. That doesn't mean I won't be turning to her in the future for tune-ups!Nikola Chubrich
I have been working with MJ for almost 10 years. In all that time, I have found her to be energetic, professional, extremely task oriented and a delight to work with. She and I have worked on cleaning our closets, a basement and an attic. She also helped organize my office and all of my holiday decorations. She is conscientious and knows what she is doing. I recommend her highly.Nancy Lukitsh
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