Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Professional Organizing

A Professional Organizer enhances the lives of clients by designing systems and processes using organizing principles and through transferring of organizing skills.

An Organizational Coach works with clients beyond the general professional organizing services.  An Organizational Coach is trained to get to “why” the disorganization is happening and works with the client to find the right solution to become organized and stay organized.  Many clients with ADD, ADHD, chronic disorganization, executive functioning disorders, brain traumas and other challenges work with an Organizational Coach to create an environment where they are succeeding, not struggling.

A Certified Professional Organizer credential recognizes professionals who have met specific standards and proven through exams and client interaction, that they possess the body of knowledge and experience required for certification.  The certification program recognizes and raises industry standards, practices and ethics, and lets clients know that CPOs are committed and serious about the work being done.  CPOs go through the re-certification process every three years to ensure they are current on their experience, knowledge and skill set.

The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) has been recognized as the organizing authority for over 20 years.  NAPO offers organizers the opportunity to sharpen their skills through on-going education and professional development.  NAPO has a Code of Ethics which members abide by.

There are many reasons people contact a Professional Organizer to get help with organizing.  If organization is not an innate skill of yours, don’t worry.  It can be a learned skill, by the organizer transferring skills, knowledge and techniques to you.  For some people it helps having a partner for assistance with setting up systems, making decisions and motivation.  And for others, it is about not having the time to set up the right systems, and once they do, putting the support in place to maintain it.

My clients will tell you…I don’t waste time. After we chat and review your needs, we’ll get to work. I’m very good at sizing up a situation quickly, rolling up my sleeves, and getting started.

My work typically pays for itself in the results — often on the first visit. Clients have found money, saved late fees, reduced spending and re-gained control over their schedule and appointments. Entrepreneurs and business owners have also improved their time management efficiency and productivity.

Yes.  I can work with you and/or your team to create better systems that will result in increased productivity.

Questions about Executive Function Coaching

Productivity Coaching is the co-creation of a working relationship to help you manage your time and tasks more effectively, so you can be more effective, efficient and achieve your desired goals. Productivity Coaching will clarify your vision, help you overcome your time obstacles and create a path to finally meeting your deadlines.  Productivity Coaching is solution-focused and highly practical. It is about trying out and trying on both tested and unique out of the box techniques to achieve productivity goals – whether it is to decrease overwhelm, stress, distractedness, or time-wasting; or increase control, confidence, clarity, or achievement.  

An Executive Function Coach supports the development and strengthening of the executive function skill set. We help you learn how to manage these challenges and improve executive function skills. We focus on analyzing data, designing coaching priorities and establishing goals with Clients. 

Executive Function Coaching focuses on the skills that you need to function in your daily life activities as well as the skills required to reach your goals. The skills you need to reach your goals are planning, organizing, following through and completing tasks. If you find you have difficulty staying on track, starting and finishing tasks, handling frustrations and controlling your behavior, you may benefit from working with someone who can help you take control of your challenges.

Yes!  I have helped many clients with ADD/ADHD and on-going disorganization challenges learn to become organized and stay organized.  This is one of my areas of expertise.  Using a unique coaching approach, I will teach you specific strategies to work with your challenges, not against them, utilizing your natural strengths.

Questions about Home Staging and Move Management

Home Staging is the art of preparing a home for sale.  The goal is to make the home most appealing to the highest number of potential buyers.  Organized and staged homes sell faster, many times for more money.  This can start with de-cluttering and organizing the home.  We also offer additional Home Staging services that include furniture re-arranging and décor to make the home look and feel it’s best for prospective buyers.

Like any home stager we cannot guarantee a particular price or timeframe.  But I can tell you that research shows this practice is highly effective in home sales.

Whether it is you that is moving or a senior member of your family, hiring a Professional Organizer can make this process happen quickly and be a less stressful experience.  We can assist with various aspects of the move: de-cluttering, packing, coordination with movers, liaison with new residence, un-pack and set up new home.