Garage Organizing

As spring gets going in earnest, spend some time making your garage work harder for you. It tends to become a dumping ground as seasons change, so set your family up for success this spring into the summer.


Even if sorting feels like a lot, it needs to happen. Garages can contain very large pieces – like workbenches – so if necessary, group similar items near the more immovable ones. Once you have done a quick sort, the categories you have will become clear. As you review those, make sure everything actually belongs in the garage. You’re sure to find things that don’t so set those aside to be moved elsewhere in your home.


What is most important for your garage to do? It isn’t always the obvious answer of housing cars. Some people are fine with parking in their driveways and leaving the garage to do the work of household support and outdoor storage. But others need their cars IN the garage, so making space for them to easily be accessed and parked is a must. Decide what items need to be constantly accessible versus things that are seasonal or once in a while grabs. The accessibility of the spot you store them in should be dictated by their frequency of use. Take into account where the cars may be parked to pinpoint what spots are truly accessible.


Shelving is the most helpful organizing tool you’ll have in your garage. This could be freestanding metal shelves or installed shelving, all the way up to something like Garage Tech. Getting things up off the floor and in a permanent space keeps walkways clear and helps you use the space to the fullest. Since your garage is open to the wild and not climate controlled, make sure anything that needs a little extra protection is stored in bins. We recommend weathertight bins for garage use.

Let’s work together to streamline your home. Contact us for home organizing help if you’d like a partner to get you going.

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