Gift of Organization

Organization. It can truly be an amazing present for a loved one or friend. But there are definitely some things to consider before deciding on this kind of gift.


Who is your intended recipient? Think about their personality and how the gift will be received. Will it be embraced with enthusiasm and eagerness, or will it make them feel judged about the state of their home? We are more than happy to come in and do an organizing project, but if the recipient is not open to the help or not ready to receive it, then it will not be effective or they won’t even schedule the session(s). If they’ve been dropping hints or complaining about the state of their home, then you may have the right inkling that the gift of organization would be a great one.


When do you think they’ll need it and want to use it? There are a lot of events and transitions in life where an extra hand (or four) would be helpful. Preparing for a new baby, downsizing, combining households and moving and staging are all big life events. Giving your friend or loved one some helpers can be immeasurably beneficial. But make sure they’re open to it – sometimes people prefer to tackle these changes themselves.


Why are you considering this as a gift for this specific person? Organizers are experts in their profession. But they are not cleaners, nor are they interior designers, although many have a good eye for decor. The gift will be a learning process for the recipient, working alongside the organizer to set up systems and habits that work for them and their family. They will be able to apply the same process to different rooms and organizing projects in the future.

Let’s talk about the Gift of Organizing and if it’s right for your friend or family member. Contact us for home organizing help if you’d like a partner to get you going.

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