Holiday Storage

Before you know it the holidays will be over and you’ll be packing away your lovely decorations and heirlooms until next year. While it may seem premature, deciding on holiday storage before the holidays is key because by the time the holidays are over, much of the inventory is gone, not to return until next year. Chances are some of the storage you currently have has been outgrown or broken over the years, so here are some of our recommended storage techniques and products.

Faux Trees

Faux trees typically come with a storage bag specifically for your tree, so that’s the best way to store it. Keeping it covered and contained decreases the likelihood you’ll loose a piece or end up with a dusty mess. If your bag needs replacing, these are some options – make sure to select the right size for your tree.

Faux Wreathes & Garland

Faux wreathes and garland can be stored in a plastic bin, a bag, or a wreath-specific container. Again, keeping them dust-free and clean will extend the life of them. For wreathes, make sure that you get one that’s the correct diameter for what you have.


Ornaments are best stored in a divided container. There are many kinds but two of our favorites are a divided plastic bin or a canvas container with dividers. Make sure to wrap the fragile ones in packing paper.

Tabletop Decor

Tabletop decorations and wreath bows can be stored in many different ways, depending on the sizes and quantity. A standard bins plus bubble wrap or packing paper does the job. If you have a collection (like nutcrackers or small trees), tall, divided containers can work. If you are storing in the garage, make sure you use weather tight bin to keep moisture out.


Lights can be the bane of decorating – you often pull out a huge, jumbled mess of cords, and there’s always one strand that doesn’t work. Using a simple spool makes things much smoother. There are even bins specifically for light spools if you are so inclined. Remember to put the extra bulbs and fuses in a spot you’ll remember – a labeled Ziplock bag in the container of lights will do it, or grab a small lidded container to make it more visible. These are also great for re-using tree ribbon and the like.

Let’s work together to decorate and store it afterward. Contact us for home decorating and organizing help if you’d like a partner to get you going.

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