How to be Organized when Moving

As professional organizers, we do much more than just organize your space. We offer moving services for pre-move, post-move, or both! You can hire us to manage the entire move start to finish. By organizing a move, we coordinate and oversee the entire process of your relocation, ensuring a smooth transition. Here’s how we take the stress out of your move.

What We Can Do

Our team will start by making a plan and organizing logistics to execute the move efficiently. The next step is decluttering. We make sure to pack only the things you actually need and weed out the donations and trash in advance. Our team is more detailed when packing your items than movers are. We pack in an organized fashion and label each box clearly and specifically. If possible, we like to see what the next space looks like. This helps us plan out where each item will go, to make unpacking as smooth as possible. On moving day, we work directly with the movers to answer any questions and pack up any last minute items. Once everything starts to arrive at your new home, we will unpack, organize and put away all belongings.

Why Move Management Is Right For You

  1. Expertise: our team is experienced in coordinating complex moves and can handle everything from the planning to the execution.
  2. Efficiency: we streamline the moving process, saving time and minimizing disruptions to your life.
  3. Stress reduction: delegating the responsibilities that come with a move to professionals can alleviate stress associated with coordinating such a significant event. Having a partner through a move is a huge help.
  4. Cost effectiveness: while there is a cost to hire a move management team, our expertise and efficiency can help you avoid costly mistakes and delays.
  5. Customization: our team will tailor our services to meet your specific needs and preferences. 

Must-Have Moving Products

Bankers Boxes are our favorite! Tape is not needed to build the box and they have handles to make moving them around easy.

Packing paper is ideal for wrapping a variety of items and filling the voids in boxes, providing extra cushion. Bonus: It is recyclable.

Bubble wrap for your most fragile and valuable items.

Box tape secures boxes and is easy to tear without any additional supplies, like scissors.

Sharpies to label all boxes clearly.

Color coded labels are great to make boxes easily identifiable by what room they belong in.

Moving is a huge life event, but you don’t have to do it alone. Read more about our move services and contact us for home organizing help if you’d like a to take the stress out of your move.

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