Junk Drawer Organizing

If the thought of organizing an entire room feels overwhelming, consider starting with a drawer. Organizing your junk drawer can be surprisingly satisfying. Here are some tips on how to transform your junk drawer into a methodical space for miscellaneous items.

Empty it Out

To start, take everything out of the drawer and lay the items on a clean surface. Sort the items, grouping similar items together. Common categories for this space include: office supplies (pens, pencils, sticky notes), tools (tape measure, screwdrivers, small basic tools), batteries, small gadgets (flashlights, pocket knives), household essentials (scissors, tape), tech accessories (chargers, usb cables, earphones), and keys.

Once everything is sorted, declutter. Get rid of any items you do not want or use.

Contain the Chaos

Invest in drawer organizers or dividers. Drawer organizers come in a variety of sizes, so you can mix and match to fit your needs. This product will help keep categories together and prevent items from getting mixed again.

Assign zones and designate specific compartments within the drawer for each category of items. This will make it easier to find things in the future.

Regular Maintenance

Every few months, revisit the drawer to ensure that it stays organized. Toss any new clutter that you do not need and reorganize as needed. Don’t let this space become a catch-all. Limit the items you store here and only keep the items you genuinely use or need.

With a few drawer organizers and a little maintenance, we can customize your junk drawer to your needs and keep it looking neat all year. Contact us for home organizing help if you’d like a partner to help you declutter and find the right storage solutions.

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