Junk Drawer Organizing

Everyone has one, a necessary utility spot that usually finds itself in the kitchen. It is also often the catch-all for anything that doesn’t have a specific home. And because of that, it gathers clutter easily. So let’s reset it!

Pull It Out

And everything in it.
As you go, separate the items into categories. Some common ones are tools, hardware, adhesive (tape, glue…), batteries, keys and info. Because the drawer is in a central location, you really want to keep the most useful items here, the things you reach for constantly.

Keep and Toss

When you come across items that should go elsewhere, set them aside. And if you have a lot of that kind of item, you’ll want to make a pile for each destination room. Not to be forgotten is the trash – old keys, miscellaneous hardware, dried up glue… you get the picture.

The upkeep is important too. When you’re tempted to throw that random receipt or used birthday candle in there, think about if it really belongs and remember what items you threw out or moved during the cleanup. That thought process will keep you on track.

Divide It

Once you have a final edit of your items, decide how you want to store them. There are a ton of drawer organizing options, so use the dimensions AND the contents to make the best choice for your space. While you can use any kind of small box you have around the house, these are some of our favorite options:
Tension with dividers
Modular – Wood | Acrylic | Colorful

If the organizers aren’t a perfect fit, grab some Museum Gel to keep them from sliding around.

Let’s work together to streamline your home. Contact us for home organizing help if you’d like a partner to get you going.

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