Move Management

Upsizing, downsizing or relocating? We remove the overwhelm.

Moving is overwhelming, and all the details can cause you undue stress and disrupt your daily life.  Wouldn’t finding an expert who can coordinate every part of your upcoming transition make it more manageable? Whether you are up-sizing, downsizing or relocating elsewhere, a stress-free, organized move is the goal.  That’s where we come in.

When you are looking for a stress-free move, you are looking for An Organized Life.

Our move management services include:

  • Pre-move de-cluttering, so we can stage your home for buyers for a faster easier sale
  • Sorting and categorizing your belongings; donating and recycling unwanted items so you have less to move
  • Having boxes and packing materials delivered to your door so that your possessions don’t get lost or damaged
  • Arranging and managing storage, as needed
  • Vetting and hiring movers
  • Coordinating trash removal and donation drop off
  • Developing your new space or floor plan
  • Setting up and organizing new space

How we work:

We mastermind your entire move from hiring movers to helping you sort, sell, donate and get rid of unwanted belongings.  Our project management can include having a weekly check-in, managing vendors and ensuring all details of the move from A to Z flow smoothly.

We get stated with a Discovery Session and create a customized Plan of Action to meet your needs.

Organizing Packages and hourly rates available.

Contact us for more professional organizing package options.


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Client Testimonials

My family has said your name with such praise so many times over. Everything I have learned from you has been our saving grace this week. I had to stay in Oregon until my father’s passing. The day before I knew I had to say goodbye, I sent the girls and Josh away and I

Lauren G.

Google Reviews

My home was perpetually disorganized with projects in process, old and new, and Stuff that I knew needed a place. I've spent a long time trying to address these issues on my own, following advice for people who may be ADD or ADD adjacent. I know the things to do, the practices that help, and I can identify the things that get in my way. But despite years of sincere effort, I could not get very far on my own. Hiring MJ was one of the best decisions I've made in the last few years. She is professional but very personable. She listens carefully and patiently and her questions and suggestions are always insightful and deeply empathetic. We've tackled the garage (still orderly and fits both cars a year later), mountains of papers (grad school, children, health care, renovation), and "dead zone" rooms that had become receptacles for abandoned projects and the Stuff you don't want to deal with. I do not want to purge my belongings and memories, and MJ has helped me clarify for myself what attachments I want to value and what I can let go. She is patient and helps steer you through your own thinking. She is environmentally conscious and works with me to divert what we can from the landfills, how to repair and repurpose more effectively, and to organize my home in a way that I can see and know what I already have. Choosing to call for professional assistance was a big deal, and I talked myself out of it a number of times. I wish I had called MJ and her team years ago!harmony whoJanuary 26, 2023

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