School Day Mornings

It’s the start of a new school year. And with it comes a return to firm schedules (yay!), but it also means resuming those rushed school mornings, with everyone sleepy and dragging their feet through. Help make those mornings a little easier by setting yourself (and your family) up for success.


Getting set up the night before doesn’t work for ever household, but it sure can be immensely helpful. Check the weather, lay out the clothes, chop the veggies for the lunches, make sure the backpacks are set. Giving yourself the leg up before morning arrives can be worth a little of your evening time. This can be especially helpful around dinner – if you’re already in food prep mode, do a little lunch prep for the next day too.

The Hub

Because the kitchen tends to be the heart of the home, having your family calendar there is helpful. A quick glance at it and you’ll know if lunch needs to be packed or if they’re buying at school, what the afternoon holds and if there are any out-of-the-ordinary appointments that lie ahead. Bonus points if the kids can see (and understand) it themselves – what their day and week hold. With the littlest kids, icons or little drawings are the way to go.


Activity happens all over the house on school mornings – from bathrooms to bedrooms to the kitchen to the exit. Make sure school items are corralled into specific spots within those areas.

In the kitchen, designate a cabinet or drawer or shelf for all things school. That means kids water bottles, thermoses, bento boxes, snack containers and lunch boxes sit together so they are easily grabbed. Consider doing something similar with food. If there are snacks or other items often eaten at school, group those together into a school snack area of the pantry and / or the fridge.

By the exit, make sure there’s a spot for backpacks as well as other extra-curricular items the kids may need (cleats, lacrosse stick, music folder, etc.). Assigning a spot for shoes (and socks!!) nearby also cuts down on the chaos. Keeping them together will reduce the runs back in the house for forgotten items and make the morning smoother.

Let’s work together to all get more done. Contact us for home organizing help if you’d like a partner to get you going in your kitchen.

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