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With the uncertainty of the real estate market and the high interest rates these days, a new home just isn’t in the cards for everyone. But there are lots of ways to make the most of your current spot. Schedule some time to do a refresh in your home, whether it’s the whole place or just creating a couple new, cozy spots.

Look for a small pain point in your home to start with – am area that frustrates you, a spot that just doesn’t feel quite finished, a place where stuff builds up. Tackling a small area that nags at you makes the process more rewarding… which will inspire you to keep going.


We become blind to certain things around our home, glossing over them daily, so try to look at your project space with fresh eyes. Now’s your chance to really evaluate and make choices. Just because that spot is where the shoes have always been kept doesn’t mean that’s the best spot for them. Empty the area of anything you don’t want there permanently. If a decor accessory doesn’t speak to you anymore, move it somewhere else or donate it. Clean out drawers and cabinets, taking time to (re)organize or assign those things a different home.


As a kid, I constantly moved furniture around my room – no idea how with my tiny body other than determination! Changing up the floor plan of a room can be eye-opening. Again, just because you moved in and put the couch on that wall doesn’t mean it couldn’t work on the other. By shifting furniture you already own, it’ll make the room feel new and can literally change your view.


Another easy edit is artwork and decor. I’d hazard a guess that, like most of us, there are photos on your walls that could use some updating. Add more recent photos or swap out a few of the oldies for newer pictures. Similar to changing the floor plan of a space, moving artwork, photos and decor accessories around your home or room can change the atmosphere.


Adding a touch of color to a space makes it feel like a new room. It doesn’t have to be a complete painting or wallpapering of walls (but it could be). Some smaller ways to add new splashes are colorful pillow covers, new bedding, accent color on a bookshelf, indoor plants, colorful decor accents or a new area rug.

Let’s work together! Contact us for home organizing help if you’d like a partner to get you going.

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