The Shed

Sheds are small spaces but can be hard workers (as long as they’re not a disaster and you can reach everything easily!). Sheds support yard and gardening, household utility, kid stuff, bikes and more. Make sure that all items in the here can withstand temperature changes and moisture.

Clear It

Put on some old clothes and start taking things out of the shed. As you go, put like materials together in groups. Once everything is out and sorted, you’ll want to review all the items. There is likely a good amount of trash in there, so bring over your trash can and start tossing. You’ll also find things you no longer use, so make decisions about what to do with those – donate or re-home to a friend or neighbor. Now that it’s empty, take this opportunity to clean the space itself. Use a leaf blower and broom to clean the floor and pull down spiderwebs and other build-up.

Setup Sections

Once it’s all out on the lawn and pared down, plan how you want to layout the space. You’ll want to start with the large items – like the lawn mower, ladder and bikes. For these things, decide whether you’d like to make ‘parking spots’ for them and/or if you’d prefer to hang them using hooks. After that is decided, move onto the most-used categories and then tackle the remaining items and assign them spots according to their priority. If kids’ items are in the shed, make sure they can access them easily and safely, while (for the littlest kids) keeping any dangerous things out of their reach. Common categories to think about are: lawn & garden, household utility, tools & hardware, outdoor entertaining, bikes, and kids outdoor activities & sports.

The Tools

An empty box is a great space, but in order to make it work harder for you, you’ll need to add some structure and accessories. 

  • The best recommendation for maximizing your space is a shelving unit. Or if you’re handy, do a DIY wooden version to the specs you need. Before choosing the size and number of shelves, you’ll need to plan out what will go on there.
  • If you have a vinyl shed you may not be able to hang things on the walls, so you’ll need freestanding options like this tool rack
  • Large utility hooks or deep hooks are great for hanging larger items like leaf blowers or extension cords. And double hooks can hold yard tools. 
  • Bins and boxes for keeping small like items with like.
  • Wire bins for the walls or the doors.
  • Pegboards are great if you store your tools in the shed. 
  • Sports storage to corral balls, racquets and gloves and bike storage.

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