Travel Packing

Packing for a trip may be daunting. Make sure you have everything you need when you arrive at your destination, be it a foreign city, tropical isle or grandma’s house.

Plan It Out

Start by making a detailed list. Look at the number of trip days and the types of activities you’ll be doing. Will there be a washer and dryer so can you do laundry or will you need any extras if things get dirty or wet? And be real about how many pairs of shoes you’ll wear! Organizing by full outfits helps to make sure you end up with a versatile group of clothing, too.

Pick a Strategy

To roll or to fold… people are divided which means there’s no wrong answer. Rolling can allow for more efficient use of space, while folding will better keep the wrinkles at bay. Typically, a combo is a good way to go. Add a level of organization AND efficiency by using packing cubes. Use these to corral like clothing together, divide by outfit, or keep small items from getting lost. As a bonus, they make it super easy to unpack at your destination – either empty the cubes or put them right in the dresser.

When you load your suitcase, put heaviest items – like shoes and dopp kit – at the bottom of the suitcase, both at the ‘back’ and the ‘base’ (when it’s stood up). Use the pockets for anything you may want to grab quickly, or for items you’ll need on your first night.

Choose Your Tools

Suitcase – think about how much you’ll be physically toting it. Straight into the trunk – anything will do. Walking 8000 miles through the airport – while that duffel bag may look cool, your shoulders will thank you if you opt for a rolling bag. A luggage scale can save you a lot at check-in, too!

Packing Cubes – see above for the why. Use small cubes for small items and underthings. Medium are perfect for PJs and beachwear. Larges are for your everyday items like jeans and tops. Try this Starter Pack, Fun Patterns, Compression Cubes, or even Slim Cubes (they typically fit in the handle channel of a rolling bag).

Shoe Bags – keep your clothes and suitcase clean by keeping shoes separate.
Drawstring or Zippered styles are available.

Bon Voyage!

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