Virtual Organizing

Ready to organize via zoom or phone?

When meeting in person isn't an option, you're short on time, or just not ready to have someone into your space, Virtual Organizing is a ideal solution.

What is Virtual Organizing?  How does it help? Virtual Organizing is a collaborative process with a Professional Organizer helping improve space and productivity. Self-starter Clients take on the physical motion and the Organizer guides the process towards the defined goal, answers puzzling questions, allowing room for strength based processing (verbal, visual, kinesthetic, etc), providing a safe and non-judgmental area to work through the “stuck' and encouraging engaged decision-making as opposed to differing and not completing the task.

Virtual sessions are convenient, shorter in length, less expensive and create steady and consistent progress by investing smaller chunks of time in a consistent way. Before each session ends, you’ll be clear about tasks for you to complete before our next meeting, and you’ll know how to do them. Accountability check-ins between sessions area available to help you stay on track.

An Organized Life - Virtual Organizing Services

Virtual Organizing offers:

  • Focused work, proven results
  • Completion of projects
  • Shorter sessions, between 1 to 2 hours
  • Accountability / Body Doubling
  • Problem solving
  • Organizational solutions & product recommendations
  • Clear and specific follow up so you know what’s next
  • Support/structure creating & maintaining routines
  • Less money; less time - an exceptional value
  • Staying in Control, Staying Safe, Staying Organized

How we work:

Our customized organizational services begin with the Discovery Session to identify challenges, provide project guidance and a plan of action, product suggestions and functionality adjustment.

Organizing Prices: Beginning at $250
Hourly Rates: Beginning at $125

Have a big project?  The more you book, the more you save. Packages are available to help you save money on larger jobs.

Contact us for more professional organizing package options.

An Organized Life - Professional Virtual Organizing

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Client Testimonials

My family has said your name with such praise so many times over. Everything I have learned from you has been our saving grace this week. I had to stay in Oregon until my father’s passing. The day before I knew I had to say goodbye, I sent the girls and Josh away and I

Lauren G.

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Client Testimonials

An Organized Life helped us with our corporate business; she completed a wide range of tasks professionally and with due diligence.

LaBreche/Thibeault, Framingham

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As a small young family, with two working parents it doesn’t take long for our house to devolve into chaos. MJ came in and helped us get things cleaned up but also organize and create strategies to stay organized. We’ve managed to stay clean and organized thanks to her help and despite the desire of our kids to destroy all things associated with order.Matthew Rowley

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