3 Easy Ways to Start Organizing

3 easy ways to start organizing

Are you looking to get organized? Many people want to find easy ways to start organizing but but seem to hit roadblocks along the way.

  • Does it feel like you start and stop, and start and stop again?
  • Do you try to put an organizing system in place but can’t seem to make it stick?
  • Are you frustrated from buying organizing products and then not sure what to do with them?

You are not alone. Many, many people experience these same challenges when getting organized.

We can help. Try this 3 easy ways to start organizing:

1. Start Small

A lot of people are overwhelmed when they think about organizing their house. But just start small. Start in one drawer. Start in one cabinet. Just make it really easy to do. Pick something that you know you can finish.

2. Keep It Simple

If you don’t like to organize, don’t have a lot of stuff. The more stuff you have, the more you have to organize.

3. Organize a Little Each Day

At the end of the night, before you’re about to go to bed or after dinner, set a timer for 30 minutes. If 30 feels overwhelming, try 15. For those 15 minutes just put things away that are out of place. Clear your countertops. Something that’s been on the floor for a week, finally just put it away.

Do these ideas resonate with you?

Did you know that there is an entire profession dedicated to helping you get organized?  Professional Organizers help you figure out how to figure out what you need to get organized.  No matter what your organizing challenge, or how you think about organizing, Professional Organizers make a difference.

When you are ready to work with a Professional Organizer, An Organized Life is ready to help.  We help you identify your organizational strengths, your own neuro-diverse thinking style, and teach you how these factors to create your organizing style.  Ready for a change?  Now is the time to find out how these 3 easy ways to start organizing is the beginning of your organized life. Contact us to find out more.

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